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My Hampshire garden was created from a nearly clear plot of land after I moved into my new home, Haven, at the end of February 1998. Since then I have been aiming to use plants that will give me constant interest and colour throughout the entire year. This includes using traditional and contemporary style plants, exotics, fruit and vegetables. The links below lead to three photograph albums that show some of the features and plants in my garden. The first album deals with the early years of garden development (1998-2002), the second with further development and progress (2003-2005) whilst the third shows the latest photographs (2006+). Along with these linked albums there is also an embedded Flash Photo Gallery below showing select photographs. Below that are links to pages on my Gold Medal at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2015 (some updates pending) for the Best Flower Box, my RHS Banksian medals, RHS Orchid Committee awards, My orchids, and the Sundial Garden I designed for my parents. This is followed by a list of publications.

Click to access controllable garden webcam – username and password “global”;  http://botanic.dynalias.com:80
Photos 1998-2002 Photos 2003-2005 Photos 2006 onwards
Flower Box Awards
Flower Box DCCC RHS Gold Medal
Central carpet bed
Me with awards
2010 RHS Banksian Medal local Hort. Society 2014 RHS Banksian Medal OSGB
Masd. mendozae 'Mullus' CA/RHS
Epipactis gigantea 'Trefor' CCC/RHS

(Photo by Sam Hurley, www.osgb.org.uk)

My orchid page 'Tea with Pleione'
Swimming pool redevelopment at my parents' home - see how my design came to life
Ornamental plant protection Ornamental plant protection Ornamental plant protection

Published Letters

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2. Meeson S. Blooming bromeliad! Amateur Gardening 2012; (48):40. Reading (UK): IPC Media, 1st December 2012 (Star Letter).

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4. Meeson S. Of cabbages and kings. Amateur Gardening 2013; (31):46. Reading (UK): IPC Media, 3rd August 2013 (Star Letter).

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